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Peter Gordon of Haddoch Hugh Gordon of Manar Hugh Gordon, Manar NSW
Gordon family in Normandy De Gourdon Adam de Gordun of Gordon Richard de Gordun of Gordon Thomas de Gordun of Gordon Thomas de Gordun of Gordon Alicia de Gordun scroll down scroll down scroll down
Norse settlers from accompanied (held lands in Berwickshire) ~ ~ ~ (married her cousin Sir Adam de Gordun)
Scandinavia Malcolm Canmore to Scotland, d. 22-8-1138 at the Battle of the Standard d. circa 1200 died soon after 1232 d. circa 1259 d. circa 1280
1057, d. (with Canmore) at   m.
siege of Alnwick Castle 1093 Marjorie
(they had no sons)
m. Adam de Gordun of Gordon Sir Adam de Gordun of Strathbogie Sir Adam de Gordun of Strathbogie
Adam of Huntly, Berwickshire Alexander William ~ (first Gordon to hold lands in NE Scotland) (inherited the lands in NE Scotland)
~ ~ ~ d. 28-4-1296 at the Battle of Dunbar (fought at Bannockburn) d.1333 Halidon d. 1352
~ ~ ~   m.
~ William of Stitchel
Adam Sir Adam de Gordun of Huntly ~ (inherited the lands in South of Scotland)
~ (married his cousin Alicia)   ~
~ d. 1270 on way to the Crusades
John de Gordun of Strathbogie Sir John de Gordon of Strathbogie John ('Jock') Gordon of Scurdargue Alexander of Essie
~ (lands passed to his niece on death) b. circa 1383 (lived mainly at (who inherited Scurdargue
d. sometime before 1375 d. circa 1391-1395 Lesmoir?) extant 1423 (went near Rhynie)
m. m. (Highland handfast marriage) to Harris to learn Gaelic)
Elizabeth? Elizabeth Cruickshank m(1). (Highland handfast marriage)
~ ~ (daughter) of MacLeod of Harris
~ ~  
m(2). Elizabeth Maitland
~ John of Botarie, Lungar (descendants were the
~ and Pitlurg Gordons of Pitlurg)
d. 1513 at Battle of Flodden  
William of Tillytermont George Gordon of Fulzemont Alexander Gordon of Tillyminat
(near Rothiemay) ~ ~
~ d. at Tillyminat in 1481 d. 1513 at the Battle of Flodden
m. m.
(unknown 1st name) Rutherford Isobel Innes
~ ~ James Gordon, 1st George Gordon,2nd of Lesmoir
Jock also had a brother 'Tam' of Lesmoir b. circa 1516
(who was married 3 or 4 times d. June 1558 d. 1591
and reputedly had 16 sons) m(1). before 1521
  Margaret Stewart
~ James Gordon
Also brother Patrick, killed at d. 1571
Flodden 1513
and sister Catherine
Alexander Gordon, 1st James Gordon, 2nd Alexander Gordon, 3rd James Gordon, 4th James Gordon
of Birkenburn of Birkenburn of Birkenburn of Birkenburn ~
Thomas b. circa 1516 killed 1572 by Alaster Calder 'at the hunting' (had three brothers) d. sometime after 1678 d. before 1655
~ d. before 1570 m. d. circa 1652-1655 m. Janet Maitland
~ m(1). Janet Gordon (see below) m. 
Margaret Of Gordon (his cousin, once removed, Alexander Gordon, 5th Alexander Gordon
Margaret) of Birkenburn b.1645
Mary   d. 19-6-1709 d. 1677 (unmarried)
~ m(2). m.
~ James of Methlic (descendants became the Beatrix Gordon Harry in Knock Helen Bisset
  ~ Gordons of Haddo ~ ~ ext 1704 James Gordon
and later, Earls of Aberdeen) ~ d. 1592 in tragic circumstances ~ b.1648
    d. 1688 (unmarried)
Adam Elizabeth Gordon (descendants became Earls of Duncan Gordon
~ (inherited the Strathbogie estates Huntly and Dukes of Gordon) ~ William Gordon, 6th
~ because handfast marriage not 'legal') ~ ~ of Birkenburn
m. m. d. circa 1740
Elizabeth Keith Sir Alexander Seton  
(Fraser heiress) ~ James Gordon
Peter Gordon of Haddoch → → → scroll across → → → to Generation 41 ~ ~ ~ Peter Gordon of Haddoch Alexander Gordon Patrick Gordon
    ~ b. circa 1668 to 1677 b. before 1721 b.22 or 26-7-1739
Also brothers William, Patrick,    d. 1738 ext.1738 and 1746 at Haddoch, Cabrach
John, and sisters m. when in debt
Janet, Katherine, Marjory Bessie (surname unknown) m.
(Lord Byron descended b.c.1678 Margaret Gordon Helen Gordon
from Marjory) d. 18-12-1728 (age 50) b. between 1710 and 1721 bapt. 8-3-1741
at Haddoch, in the Cabrach
Janet Gordon
~ Alexander Gordon
Catherine Gordon Isobel Gordon William Yeats Isobel Yeats
~ b.c.1770 b.30-09-1796
~ farmer at Reidford, Cabrach d.1812
Christian Gordon (female) m. d.25-04-1837
William Yeats m.(1) 19-09-1795 at Aberlour Anna Yeats
(of Reidford, Cabrach) Helen Yeat b.11-09-1798
Barbara Gordon ~ b.c.1776
~ d.10-03-1812 William Yeats
  d.1847 in USA
m(2). Before 1546 m.01-09-1825
Margaret Ogilvie Harry Gordon William Gordon Margaret Robertson
~ ~ ~ b.07-04-1787
~ ~ ~ d.05-01-1864
John Yeats William Yeats William Yeats
Thomas Gordon of Drumbulg and Seggyden Margaret Gordon →→→→→→→ Adam Gordon b.18-10-1802 Redford Cabrach b.10-05-1824 Gauch b.04-10-1867 Berryhillock
~ (married her cousin, once removed, ~ d.29-01-1878 Reidford d.03-12-1888 Premnay
killed at Battle of Glenlivet 1594 Alexander Gordon, 3rd of Birkenburn ~ farmer at Reidford, Cabrach m.29-11-1866 Cabrach Helen Yeats Elsie McLean
      m.09-09-1823 Cabrach Elsie Scott b.18-03-1869 Premnay
Elspet Bain b.09-08-1838 d.16-10-1952
William Gordon Barbara Gordon b.28-01-1792 d.30-11-1922 at Berryhillock m. George Edward McLean son daughter
~ ~ d.15-06-1855 Grange, Moray William McLean m.
~ ~ b.1856 at Leslie Margaret Matheson
Thomas Gordon d.26-02-1920 Leslie,
~ Aberdeenshire    
~ Beatrice Gordon (descendants became Dukes of Fife)
  ~ William David Lennox Scott Lennox Cran MacLean son daughter
~ McLean b.20-01-1927 Newton of married
  b.26-09-1897 at Leslie Counteswells, Aberdeenshire daughter
d.April 1985 Colchester, Essex d.2012
m. m.  
Alice Ann Simpson a daughter of John Shand and
The Cock of the North George Gordon, 2nd Earl Alexander Gordon, 3rd Earl Alexander Gordon, 1st of Alexander Gordon, 2nd of Janet Gordon, only child b.1902 Thyra I. Cardno son son
of Huntly of Huntly, fought at Flodden, Strathavon Strathavon and Cluny and heiress of Strathavon d.21-06-1983 Colchester married
  d.1523 married son son
James Gordon, 2nd married
of Birkenburn (see above)
son daughter
Walter, High Steward of Scotland King Robert II of Scotland King Robert III of Scotland King James I of Scotland Princess Annabella Stewart daughter
d.1390 d.1406 d.1436
Scott McLean Eleanor McLean
b.1908 d.1984
married married m.
Robina Duthie
Eleanor McLean daughter son
b.1910 married
m. daughter
Robert Bruce of Annandale Robert Bruce of Annandale Robert Bruce King Robert the Bruce Marjorie Bruce William Fox
of Scotland, d. 1329    
defeated King Edward II of 
Engand at Battle of Bannockburn Dr.Frank Summers McLean Graham Douglas McLean son
married d.29-06-1959 Leicester studied medicine
Isabella Cuthbert Ian McLean daughter
Gabran mac Domangart, Aedan, b. circa 538 Eochaid Buidhe Domnall Brecc Domangart Eochaid Eochaid mac Echdach Aed Fin Eochaid Alpin Kenneth Mac Alpine, King Constantine I King Donald II King Malcolm I King Kenneth II King Malcolm II Bethoc King Duncan I of Scotland, King Malcolm III (Canmore) King David I of Scotland Earl Henry, Prince of Scotland David, Earl of Huntingdon Isabella
King of Dal Riata d.608 of Dal Riata of Dal Riata of Dal Riata of Dal Riata of Dal Riata d.733 of Dal Riata d.778 of Dal Riata a king of Dal Riata King of the Scots, b.810 d.859 d.877 d.900 d.954 d.995 d.1034 killed by Macbeth 1040 of Scotland, d.1093 d.1153 son
d. circa 560
contemporary and ally of ~Viking Invasions~ son
St Columba  
Golden Age of Dal Riata' married son
~Viking Invasions~      
Cerdic, King of Wessex Cynric, King of Wessex Ceawlin, King of Wessex Cuthwine Cutha Cathwulf Ceolwald of Wessex Coenred Ingild of Wessex Eoppa Eafa b.730 married Kentish Ealhmund, King of Kent King Egbert of Wessex King Aethelwulf of Wessex King Alfred the Great King Edward the Elder, King Edmund I King Edgar the Peaceful King Ethelred the Unready King Edmund Ironside of England Edward the Exile St Margaret of Scotland Elsie Yeats son
in period from 519 to 534 d.560 d.593 b. 592 ext.648 b.640 b.672 d.718 b.706 princess d.784 d.839 d.858 d.899 King of Wessex, d.924 d.946 d.1000 d.1016 b.989 d.1016 b.1016 d.1057 b.1045 d.1093 b.30-11-1870 Foreside,
landed in Hampshire in 495 sister of Edgar the Atheling Premnay
with his son and 5 ships d.09-11-1948 at Jefferson, William E. Hutcheon
      Greene Country, Iowa, USA b.30-05-1896 Webster County
m. Iowa, USA
~ Norman Conquest in 1066 ~ James Hutcheon d.11-08-1978 Jefferson, Iowa
b.1857 m.20-02-1924 Elliott,
Eystein Ivarsson Rognvald Eysteinsson Hrolf the Walker, 1st ruler of William Longsword, Duke of Richard I, Duke of Normandy Richard II, Duke of Normandy Robert I, Duke of Normandy William the Conqueror, King Henry I of England Matilda King Henry II King John of England King Henry III of England King Edward I of England King Edward II of England King Edward III of England John of Gaunt John Beaumont Margaret Beaumont d.1945 Montgomery, Iowa
b.circa 805 in Nørd-Trondelag, key figure in norse rule Normandy b.circa 846 Normandy b.circa 893 d.942 b.933 d.996 b.963 d.1026 b.1000 d.1035 King William I of England, d.1216 defeated by Robert the Bruce Elsie Grace Hubbard
Norway over Orkney and Shetland d.circa 932 (aka 'Rollo') Duke of Normany at Battle of Bannockburn b.1895
Earl of Orkney one of the great pirate raiders d.1981
fl.865 of Ireland and Scotland   married
he was Hrólfr Rognvaldsson  
of Møre in Norway
Jane Yeats
~ see Icelandic sagas ~ ~ see Icelandic sagas ~ ~ see Icelandic sagas ~ William I, Count of Hainault Philippa of Hainault b.c.1873 Premnay
David S. Yeats
b.c.1874 Premnay
Margaret Yeats
Hugh the Great, Hugh Capet King Robert II of France King Henry I, King of the Franks King Philip I of France King Louis VI of France King Louis VII of France King Philip II of France King Louis VIII of France King Louis IX of France King Philip III of France Charles of Valois Joan of Valois b.13-11-1825
Duke of the Franks first King of the Franks d.996 b.972 d.1031 d.1060 married Eleanor of Aquitaine married King Henry II of Engand's d.1827
grand-daughter Blanche of Castile
Louis besieged Berkhamsted   Helen Yeats
Castle married b.02-02-1828
married d.08-01-1893
Spanish Elspet Yeats
and Alfonso II of Aragon Peter II of Aragon James I of Aragon Isabella of Aragon b.c.1830
Otto the Illustrious Henry the Fowler, Hedwige of Saxony Italian d.1832
King of Germany, d.936 descendant of Charlemagne royal
married sister of the Holy Roman families m. John Yeats
Emperor can be b.19-01-1832
Henry of Franconia Hedwiga traced d.16-10-1923
d.886 back Alfonso VII of Castile Sancha of Castile
further Alexander Yeats
Ann Yeats 9 children
b.09-10-1836 at Reidford between 1866 and 1881
m.10-12-1863 at Premnay
Eberhard Ingeltrude Peter Smith
Frankish Duke of Friuli d.870 b.c.1826
Ebenezer Yeats
married b.25-10-1838 at Reidford
d.23-04-1917 Cabrach
farmer at Reidford
Charles Martel Pepin the Younger Charlemagne Louis the Pious Gisela Isobel Watt Helen Yeats
b. circa 686 d.741 b. circa 714 d.768 Holy Roman Emperor co-emperor with Charlemagne b.07-01-1842 b.08-10-1870
b. circa 742 d.814 King of the Franks
King of Aquitaine m.(2) 07-11-1872 at Rhynie  
b.778 d.840 and Essie
Jean McAdam Elspeth Jean Yeats John Grant Kellas Graham C. Kellas
b.1841 b.c.1877 b.08-08-1901 at Redford b.c.01-02-1936 Bromley
d.July 1907 d.29-12-1956 Kirkton d.13-01-1973 West Wickham,
m.03-07-1901 at Clatt Kent Ewen G. Kellas
John Grant Kellas m.Sept 1933 Chelsea, London b.c.01-02-1939 Bromley
b.24-07-1871 Kirkton Cabrach Phyllis Doreen Carr
d.14-09-1958 Kirkton  
Postman and farmer
Jane Gordon Kellas
b.06-05-1903 at Kirkton
Cottage, Cabrach
m.20-10-1934 Cabrach
Alexander Ogston Stephenson
Margaret Ann Kellas Margaret Jean Kennedy
b.21-12-1904 Kirkton Cabrach b.1928
d.03-10-1996 Dufftown
m.(2)01-02-1930 Kirkton
Charles McBain John Grant McBain Derek John McBain
b.26-04-1904 b.11-07-1930 Kirkton b.1965 Huntly
d.23-03-1976 d. after 2009 m.
farmer at Kirkton m. Lorraine McKandie
Helen Jean McIntosh b.1970
d.20-06-2005 Callum Grant McBain son
b.1969 Huntly b.2005
Ruth McKandie
Jean Gordon McBain
b.Feb 1933
Lennox McBain
b.Nov 1935
d. after 2009
James Kellas McBain
b.Nov 1937
Charles Gordon McBain
d.08-11-2000 Dufftown
Alexander Webster McBain
Isabella Christina 'Chrissie' daughter son
b.23-08-1906 Kirkton
d.26-05-2002 Fleet, Hants
Mr Johnston
James Yeats Kellas
Janet Mary Kellas Alistair Kellas Webster
b.1915 Cabrach b.c.1940
d.29-12-1976 Aberdeen d.31-07-1970
m.Aug 1940 Cabrach Church
Alexander Webster Ewan David Iain Webster son
b.c.1906 b.c.1943
d.23-10-1997 d.06-11-1990 Milltimber, son
near Aberdeen
m. Ewan David Webster
Marion Burgess b.1975
b.c.1937 d.1975
Edith Grant Kellas son son
d.28-12-2001 Cabrach  
James Dobson daughter son
d.24-12-1985 son
James Kellas daughter
d,May 1992
Mary Crawford
Eban(ezer?) Kellas
Alexander Grant Kellas
Alexander Yeats Robert Smith Yeats
b.c.1878 at Clatt b.13-04-1903
d.26-02-1954 at Goryhill, d.1988
farmer William Yeats
m.24-01-1905, Back o' Hill, b.26-07-1905
Cabrach d.1980
Elsie Mathieson
b.31-10-1879 Helen Jane Yeats
d.22-06-1950 b.19-07-1906 Redford
d.23-04-1983 Newfoundland
Alonzo Hayter
Alexander Yeats
Christina Ann Yeats child
b.20-02-1909 b. between 1939 and 1942
m.1939 Galashiels child
James Ormiston b. between 1939 and 1942
John Yeats
James Ebenezer Yeats
Beatrice Yeats
Ethel Yeats
George Yeats
Bella Yeats
William Yeats
7 children
between 1873 and 1889
Alexander Yeats Alexander Yeats
b.25-07-1804 Reidford b.15-02-1833
d.06-01-1853 Alvah, Banff d.06-01-1858
m.22-11-1831 Cabrach Margaret Yeats
Margaret Dawson b.26-11-1835
b.c.1796 d.12-12-1845
Margaret Yeats Isobel Grant 4 children
b.14-03-1807 Redford b.11-05-1831 Whitehillock, between 1861 and 1867
d. between 1841 and 1851 Cabrach
m.24-08-1830 Cabrach d. probably Australia John William Harvey
John Grant m.11-07-1861 Cabrach b.c.1877
b.08-04-1802 Alexander Harvey d.1879
d.18-08-1862 b.c.01-04-1827
Helen Grant
b.March 1833
Margaret Grant
b.Feb 1835
John Grant eldest daughter
b.16-06-1838 Redford died just before father 1885
d.01-12-1899 Aberdeen
blacksmith and ironmonger son
m.31-05-1867 Old Machar engineer in India
Catherine Ryrie
b.c.1843 daughter
(all children b. 1868-1880)
William Grant 11 children
b.13-10-1840 Redford names not known
d.24-10-1925 Rockville,
Collingwood, Nelson, NZ  
m.31-05-1867 in Nelson
Ellen Dement
Peter Yeats
Helen Yeats George Robertson
b.c.1812 Cabrach b.20-07-1837 Redford
d.22-12-1893 Forntree, d. after 1901
Monymusk agricultural labourer
m.09-06-1836 Cairnie, m.(1) 13-03-1869 Rhynie
by Huntly Margaret Donald 4 children
Walter Robertson d. between 1877 and 1881 between 1869 and 1877
d. between 1891 and 1893  
farmer m.(2) 1888 Auchindoir
Margaret Dyker 2 children
b.20-01-1850 between 1887 ans 1890
John Robertson
Helen Robertson
b.15-05-1841 Redford
unknown James Grant
James Ross Alexandrina Ross
m.(3) c.01-11-1873 Tynemouth
John Morris Mary Ann Morris
b.c.1850 b.c.1874
Emma Morris
Margaret Helen Morris
Ann Robertson
domestic servant
Margaret Robertson
Elspet Robertson
William Robertson
b.18-10-1850 ext1893
Isobel Robertson John Kennedy
b.25-12-1852 b.1879
John Kennedy
b.1855 Helen Yeats Kennedy
Maggie Kennedy
Walter Kennedy
Jeannie Kennedy
William Kennedy
Jean Robertson Nellie (Helen) Harvey Nellie Stewart
b.01-08-1856 b.1896 Old Machar b.1923
d.c.1935 d.1972 d.2007
m.(1)02-07-1897 Kinning Park, m. m.
Lanarkshire Alexander Stewart Alan Fowlie
Alexander Harvey
John Stewart
Walter John Harvey
b.11-10-1899 in Govan,
m.(2) Alexander Dyker Elsie Kennedy Dyker Isabella Jane Mitchell
b.1860 b.1883 b.1905
d.08-10-1930 Edinburgh d.1969 d.1974
m. m.
John Horn Mitchell Harry Gordon
James G. Mitchell
Elizabeth A. Mitchell
Alexander Mitchell
Nellie Mitchell son daughter
Richard Basil Hoare
Elsie Kennedy Mitchell son
Eric John Bickmore
m.(2)18-06-1815 Cabrach
Janet Brown Peter Yeats
Margaret Yeats William Horn
b.c.1766 b.09-05-1794 in Glass, Huntly
d.07-10-1846 d.12-10-1857
m.11-12-1791 Cabrach farmer in Aucharrow,Inveravon
Alexander Horn unmarried
  in Auchnarrow, Glenlivet
Margaret Gordon William Taylor
b.1750 bapt. 3-3-1778
bapt. 20-5-1750 buried at Wallakirk
m. on 08-02-1775 at Cabrach
William Taylor Alexander Taylor
b.20-03-1739 bapt. 11-2-1780
(schoolmaster at Cabrach) (had shop at Ballhillock)
(or 'schoolmaster in Tombain')
d.November 1782
buried at Wallakirk Lt. James Taylor Jane Taylor Jean (or Jane) Simpson Alexander Henry Mary Hendry Nellie Garden
bapt. 25-10-1782 Banffshire b.07-12-1818 at Dalriach, b.31-08-1843 b.07-08-1863 Elrick, Cabrach b.28-08-1888 at b.17-09-1906 Poorhouses,
(Aberdeen militia, lived Dalriach) Cabrach d.1894 pauper as child, after his Cabrach Poorhouse Cabrach
d.18-12-1848 or 1849, drowned d.04-02-1895 Elrick, Cabrach m. mother deserted his family, d.21-01-1955 Little Pitglassie
in River Deveron, Cabrach m. John Henry the Inspector of the Poor paid  05-02-1910 in Dufftown Elizabeth Garden
m.02-07-1816 at Old Machar Alexander Simpson b.29-10-1843 Jane Taylor to raise him, James Garden b.1910